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Fee Structure

The school October. January Rs. 25/- till 15th of Rs. 50/- after 15 (Fees Collection) in July. will be fined months and fees should be paid in three instalments on 10th. 17th or 30th The defaulters the succeeding month of the aforesaid h of the mentioned month. .

Malayalam Medium
KG L.P. & U.P. H.S. Computer LP, UP & HS
1200x3 1550x3 1800x3 300x3
English Medium
KG L.P. & U.P. H.S. Computer . LP, UP & HS
1400 x 3 1750 x 3 1900 x 3 300 x 3

Nursery Education

The management has taken great interest to have a parallel English Medium section along with Malayalam Medium. At present we have classes up to Standard X. This institution provides nursery education in both Mediums by taking into an account of all basic lessons of human relations where play-way method is used to understand different aspects effectively.


  • Admission should be sought in the prescribed application form obtained from the school.
  • The learning level of the students will be examined at the time of the admission. The students who seek the admission for the nursery, (L.K.G) classes should be completed their four years of age.
  • A student will be removed from the roll if she / he is absent continuously for a period of 15 working days. The following reasons will also consider for the removal like disrespect, dis-obedience to the teachers and engage in cruel deeds


  • Students must bring their diary daily.
  • The students should come to school with their prescribed uniform & White on Wednesdays. They should dress neatly, and keep the class rooms and school premises clean.